India’s Saksham Trust Recognized as WSIS Champion 2021!

Saksham Trust (and its subsidiary Saktek Foundation) became one of the final champions of the prestigious World Summit on the Information Society Prizes  (WSIS) 2021 in the cultural diversity and identity, linguistic diversity and local content category. Held virtually this year, the event took place on 19 May 2021 and was presided by Mr HoulinContinue reading “India’s Saksham Trust Recognized as WSIS Champion 2021!”

A Better COVID-19 World for Persons with Disabilities in India.

A White Paper titled ‘Priorities for a COVID-19 World: ICT Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities in India’ was released by the Broadband India Forum (BIF) -‘ A Think-Tank for Digital Transformation’, during a special session of The Digital Dialogue on Monday, 10th August 2020. The paper recognizes that although there are Acts, policies, and guidelinesContinue reading “A Better COVID-19 World for Persons with Disabilities in India.”

How to protect yourself from COVID-19

As we all are aware COVID-19 is spreading rapidly worldwide and we are fighting against this pandemic through maintaining social distancing and by frequently practicing good hygiene. So, here are some basic and the most important precautions to take to avoid the infection: A-Wash your hands frequently Regularly and thoroughly clean your hands soap andContinue reading “How to protect yourself from COVID-19”